We are the first student organization at UZH that is particularly interested in synthetic biology and we want to share this interest and enthusiasm with other students.



With a change in the board, SynBio as a whole has been restructured. The community has been organized into three parts: passive members, active members and the board. Members who simply wish to join this community can do so as passive members. People, who wish to participate and support the community more actively, can do so by becoming an active member and part of a committee. The committee will support a respective vice president in a certain project. The board consists of one president and five vice presidents.


Should you be interested to become a committee member for a specific field, please contact the corresponding Vice President or the President. If you do not have a specific field in mind but would like to become more active, please contact the President. Alternatively we can always be reached under synbiouzh@gmail.com and are looking forward to hearing from you!