The SynBio board would like to introduce themselves! The monthly boardmeetings are currently held virtually but this doesn't stop us from planning amazing events for you! Should you like to get involved and join a board meeting sometime, please just contact us and we'll let you know the next possible option!

Female Scientist



  Hello! I am Martina Curcio and I am 20 years old. Honored to be the president of SynBio. I study Biomedicine at UZH. In my spare time I enjoy reading, cooking, baking and sports. I am passionate about synthetic biology, virology, immunology and developmental biology.


Vice President Finance

Hi there! I am Simon and study management, technology and economics (MTEC) at ETH.

In my undergrad I studied biochemistry and that’s exactly where my passion for synthetic biology originates. The student association SynBio gives me thereby the possibility to connect my past studies and interests with my future pathway.



Vice President Communications

I study biology at UZH and have cofounded SynBio in 2019 while taking part in the 2019 iGEM competition. I'm  very enthusiastic about cell and developmental biology (pretty pictures!), but also about literature and ethics in the field of biology! SynBio is a great platform to exchange thoughts on the current advances in biology.


Vice President Professional Relations

I am a biomedicine student and part of the board since 2019. I was always fascinated by how biological processes work. Synthetic biology gained my interest as it changed my perspective on biology and SynBio is a community where I can share my excitement for synthetic biology with other students.



Vice President Events

Hey, I’m Nic and I study biology. Synthetic biology fascinated me ever since first coming into contact with it. SynBio represents a community of fellow students sharing this passion. I joined the board as VP for events to offer my contribution to building and expanding this great community.


Vice President iGEM

I study Biology and Neuroinformatics at UZH and have a special interest in Biology that bridges the gap between molecular biology and modern technology. I joined SynBio through my participation in iGEM2020 and have decided to join the board to pass all that I learned on to future iGEM teams. I think the SynBio and the iGEM community are an excellent to build exchange opportunities for the topic of synthetic biology and I'm excited to be a part of this community.

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