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SynBio UZH has merged with Student Biolab Zurich

SynBio UZH and Student Biolab Zurich are now one student organization and community.
Find up-to-date information on the Student Biolab website.

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Important: iGEM 2024 & more will be organized by the Student Biolab, check out the website to stay updated.

The flagship of SynBio is our iGEM team: UZurich.

The first iGEM team of the University of Zurich was launched in 2019. Shortly after, the team founded this student association together with other interested students to ensure the continued success of the team and to make synthetic biology more popular among students at UZH.

iGEM is a competition where undergraduate students conduct a half-year project in synthetic biology. More than 300 teams participate each year, with some of the best Universities in the world are among the competitors.

Want to learn more about iGEM?

Interested in joining the team?

Contact the current iGEM under!

iGEM: Gallery
iGEM: Gallery
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