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SynBio UZH has merged with Student Biolab Zurich

SynBio UZH and Student Biolab Zurich are now one student organization and community.
Find up-to-date information on the Student Biolab website.

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We are building up a student organization whose goal it is to promote synthetic biology at the University of Zurich. 

One of the cornerstones of this community is the iGEM team of the UZH, where about 10 students participate in the world’s biggest competition in synthetic biology, iGEM, as a team.

By additionally participating in events such as the annual Activity Fair or First Semester Day, we want to show students a glimpse of what synthetic biology is about and what our vision for the future is. 

This year, the focus for SynBio is promoting the exchange within the SynBio community. In order to strengthen our community, we engage students through social events and will take first steps in organizing interdisciplinary events to promote the interdisciplinary side of syntethic biology.

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