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SynBio UZH has merged with Student Biolab Zurich

SynBio UZH and Student Biolab Zurich are now one student organization and community.
Find up-to-date information on the Student Biolab website.

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The SynBio board would like to introduce themselves! The monthly board meetings are finally back in person and we are planning amazing events for you! Should you like to get involved and join a board meeting sometime, please just contact us and we'll let you know the next possible option!

Board: Intro
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Female Scientist


Vice President Communications

  Hello! I am Larissa Bison and I study English and Biomedicine at the University of Zurich. I joined SynBio in 2020 and participated in the iGEM competition in 2021. As the world we know changes, I believe that synthetic biology is an important and often misunderstood field. Through my work on the SynBio board as president and VP Communications, I hope to facilitate the understanding and acceptance of the fascinating world that is synthetic biology.


Vice President Finance
Vice President Professional Relations

Hello :) I am Kiran Kurinjirappalli and I study Medicine at the University of Zürich. I joined SynBio in 2022 and became a part of the board. At the Erstifair, a flyer from SynBio caught my eye and sparked my interest in synthetic biology. I believe this field will become an essential aspect of our future which is why I joined. To be a part of this vision.



Vice President Events
Vice President iGEM

Ph.D. in neuroscience at UZH.

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